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Coming of our new Queens To Be!


Deanicko Jamima

Seal Tabby Point


Kalinya Penthisilia

Pure 24B Chocolate Point Siamese

From Tony & Bev Hurry of Kalinya Cattery


Ananbry Zenna

Seal Tortieshell Point Siamese



CCCA Ch & Silver Dbl Gd  Ch Mayteako Lady in Black

Ebony Oriental

Lady does very well in the show ring and is now having a well earned rest!




Anncardin Jasmin Rose

Blue Point Pure Siamese

Rose is a very good mum but she talks a lot!

Hmmmm I think she's swearing at me.




Deanicko Meiko

Chocolate Lynx Point

Meiko is not only a beautiful cat but has a beautiful nature as well.

She was hand reared as a baby kitten!




Kalinya Artemisia

Pure Seal Siamese